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How to Develop and Implement a Marketing Plan

We create, implement and manage strategic marketing plans for our clients that serve as the roadmap to get you from where your business is today to where you want it to be next year, three years from now, even five years out.

Working with you and our marketing strategist, we develop a plan that includes an overall objective, two-to-four strategic goals and then the tactical steps required so that the strategic goals are achieved – and you meet your overall objective. The result will be a well-planned, carefully-executed and targeted business development initiative that will produce results. Without a marketing plan serving as your roadmap, any destination will do and you won’t even know when you get there.

Why Planning Your Marketing Efforts Pays Off

In the article titled “Know the Criteria for Your Marketing Coach,” PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC, explains the role of marketing planning activities. The systems and processes that we install over time yield the goals that were set in the plans. When looking for a marketing coach for your professional services practice, consider a firm that has processes and systems in place. These strategies, when followed over a period, lead to systematic goal achievement.

With proper planning and assessment of opportunities and objectives, we coach you to achieve your short-term gains. These short-term wins over time, lead to bigger accomplishments.

At PSM, we offer marketing coaching that helps you reach out towards the right goals at the right time. We help you strategically plan out your weekly, monthly, and yearly objectives and lay down the roadmap for their implementation.

Marketing Planning is an Integral Part of our Marketing Coaching St.Paul & Minneapolis

We know how crucial marketing planning is. We help you streamline the seemingly cumbersome process through our strategies. We have helped numerous professional service firms such as yours attain their success objectives with proven methods.

As outlined in an article titled “An 8-Step Process to Develop Your Marketing Plan This Year,” PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC, outlines the effective methods to strategize marketing. Here’s what we do as your marketing coach-

  1. We identify your top contacts and apply the 80-20 rule.
  2. We put our A-level criteria into practice.
  3. We identify your unique selling points.
  4. We specify your target audiences.
  5. We outline your marketing strategy.
  6. We set your intentions and goals for the year.
  7. We help you create business goals.
  8. We help you take step-by-step action.

We have broken the overwhelming process of marketing planning into bits and pieces, so it becomes easier to implement it. We can help you get through with your goals!

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