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We help you create a directory of services and share it with relevant media so they know who to call when they need a quote.

Tapping into Press Contacts in the Media

The news media can extend the reach of a marketing message, adding third-party credibility to what lawyers, accountants, financial service providers, and other professionals and businesses want their target clients to hear.

There are a number of online and printed media directories that reporters, editors, and producers regularly use to find sources to quote, and firms to write about. We help our clients determine which media directories are important to journalists covering your area of expertise. Then we write a compelling profile of you and your firm to help raise the chance of media exposure.

Along with a strong LinkedIn profile, a listing in appropriate media directories helps you to establish and maintain a high-profile public face. Appearing in the right media directories means a reporter may do the hardest part of your business development job: Separating you from the pack.

Our Outsourced Marketing Services Include Directory Listings St.Paul and Minneapolis

At PSM, we take care of all your marketing needs. To help you gain an edge over other firms in your area, we help you secure media coverage. This way, we assist you in establishing your brand name as the preferred one in your industry.

When the local media directories contain your reference and contact, the local people contact you when they need your services. This helps you build contacts in your town. We also help you become the subject expert by upgrading your credibility through media listings.

We help you develop a client service directory that you can share with your prospects, clients, and the media. In the PDF titled “Looking Back to See Ahead: Trends in Law Firm Marketing,” PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC, spills the beans about the many changes that have taken place in the marketing ambit. Being in the profession for about 3 decades, Terrie has witnessed trends change.

PSM’s outsourced marketing services embrace the traditional as well as the technical. While helping clients establish a concrete online presence, we also help them engage with prospects through events and build directories to be sent out to media houses locally.

We believe that businesses grow faster when they create a balance between the traditional and the trending ways of marketing.

How Media Directories Can Boost Business

For professional service providers, media directories are often the overlooked part of their marketing strategy. Law and financial firms fail to recognize the importance of the third-party sites that their prospects engage with. Building a firm’s online presence should also include leveraging these third-party sites.

Local marketing through business and media directories carries a special significance for law firms and other businesses that can boost their business through local recognition. We help enlist your business in the local directories to drive lead generation and prospect-finding. Improve your firm’s visibility through media directories. PSM, as your outsourced marketing partner, expands your firm’s reach to the prospects who still look up local directories to avail services.

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