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Let us help you grow your practice group using innovative and creative group marketing strategies.

We Help You Market Your Practice Group in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Along with helping an entire firm or office, we work with specific practice groups that want help creating, implementing and managing a full marketing plan for a specific new business initiative.

We help practice groups create “cross-buying” opportunities, develop and implement a content marketing strategy, find an effective way to use social media, and even assess whether it makes sense to locate a lateral hire. We’ve also helped firms decide whether to realign practice groups around industry clusters rather than traditional silos.

Financial service practitioners, lawyers, accountants and the whole range of professionals who use practice groups to organize their firm work with us to ensure that they are not overlooking any new business opportunities.

Importance of knowledge to a growing business in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Our marketing strategists at PSM help you grab the low-hanging fruits first. We help you zero in on the industries that are already your focus. We help you manage these industry practices in a way that adds your name in the list of expert service providers.

Building expertise in the practice groups can help you solidify your expertise in individual areas of your practice. With a strategic marketing team such as PSM, you can invest in developing your practice groups and marketing them in the best light.

To build and develop practice areas, an article written by PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC, titled “How to Write a Blog Post,” suggests that blog posts should appear on individual practice group pages on the website. This small and simple step can help you build the foundation of being perceived as an expert in that particular practice area.

As your outsourced marketing team, PSM can help you leverage the most out of your practice groups. We can help you focus on one of the industries at a time, building your practice before a wider audience. To broaden your reach in all industries you offer services in, we can help you zero in on the ones that give you the maximum ROI.

Practice-Focused Groups: Give Buyers What They Want

In the article titled “It’s a Buyer’s Market: How to Gather Feedback”, PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC suggests that focus groups can be used as a tool to solicit feedback from clients. Before launching a full-fledged marketing campaign, service professionals can allow their teams to participate in focus groups and respond to predetermined questions in real-time. The article also suggests involving an outside moderator to facilitate the discussion.

The marketing pros at PSM help you grow your practice in width and depth. Learn more about what we do through our articles:

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