How to Write a Blog Post

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After you have reviewed the tips from To Blog or Not to Blog: A Primer for Lawyers, use this format to create your blog.

  • Title: You are trying to pull people in so they want to read your blog post. Make it interesting!
  • Introductory Paragraph: Introduce your blog topic by discussing why the topic is timely and relevant, who will be impacted by your topic, how they will be impacted and the overall relevance of the topic on the lives and/or businesses of your readers.
  • Second Paragraph: Provide more details on the significance of the topic and identify some steps your readers can pursue to take action. This is where you educate your readers on what they should be thinking about as a result of your topic.
  • Conclusion: Pull it all together. Create a strong and compelling closing argument, which nails the key communication points you are trying to get across, and gives readers a next step.

I’m blogging. Now what?

Don’t let your blog posts just sit on your website. They need to be leveraged across many different mediums including:

  • Add Blogs to Your Biography. Add a blog post feed to your website biography so your bio becomes a micro-site just for you that features your blog posts, other articles you have written, presentations given, awards received, community activities, and more.
  • Promote on Website. Feature your new blog posts on the home page of your website.
  • Include on Practice Area Pages. Make sure your blogs appear on relevant practice group pages.
  • Promote on LinkedIn. Don’t be shy! When you publish a blog, let your contacts know. Write a short blurb on the blog topic and post it with a link to the blog. Encourage your friends to share it!
  • Include in Client Communications. If you or your firm sends a regular communication to clients, make sure a brief summary of and link to your blog post makes it into the communication.


Blogging is an excellent way to build your name recognition and awareness in the marketplace. Don’t overthink the process. Simply follow the tips and ideas above and you will be on the road to increasing your credibility and value as an experienced, knowledgeable lawyer; one who can simplify a seemingly complex topic and actually make it interesting.

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