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PSM has relationships with a number of printers and will get you the best price for all of your printing needs.

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Even in a digital age, there is a place for printed material for lawyers, accountants, engineers and accounting professionals as well as for practitioners in financial services. While electronic templates in a computer system are commonplace for things such as letterhead and invoices, everything from business cards and envelopes to brochures and folders to use with leave-behind marketing material still require printing.

We design beautiful, branded printed and printable material for professional service firms as well as for financial services companies.

If you have a printer you like to use, we will send them everything needed to generate your printed material. If you are not wedded to a specific printer, we will locate some and negotiate prices on your behalf before managing the entire printing process.

Your Brand Voice – Printed Materials That Speak Your Language

At PSM, we integrate your brand’s voice with all your printed and online marketing materials. In the article titled “The Argument for a Strong Brand Voice,” Meg Haley, Copywriter at PSM, explains how your brand message can be incorporated into all your marketing messages, and why this practice should be followed.

The article highlights that branding does not just mean picking a logo for your firm. It has everything to do with your printable and printed marketing material. As a leave-behind token, your printed marketing messages help your prospects remember you for longer. Branding, when done the right way, ensures that all your brand messages appear coherent. Any break in the brand voice hampers the consistency of your brand and confuses your audience.

At PSM, we work with branding specialists and print experts to create captivating designs and messages that add value to your printed marketing materials.

Augment Your Brand Message with Printed Marketing Materials in St. Paul and Minneapolis

The tone of your print communications sets your brand to be recognizable in your industry. The voice of your brand significantly adds to your brand’s image. We augment your brand voice and help you stay top-of-mind with your prospects.

With attractive printed communications, you always have a way of leaving behind your brand message when you meet a prospect, attend a networking event, or become a part of any event that invites your potential clients.

Keeping these printed materials handy will help you be prepared to leave a lasting impression, no matter who you meet and where you go. Take your brand with you!

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