Sales vs Marketing in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Let PSM show you why both sales AND marketing are critical to your overall success in practice.

How to Integrate Sales and Marketing to Grow Your Business in St. Paul and Minneapolis

Marketing outlines the key differences that separate two businesses in the same industry. Marketing efforts work towards creating your brand message and putting it out there in the form of blogs, the website, social media content, and other communications. Marketing is essentially a way of broadcasting what your firm stands for. Your business’ value, your business practices, your way of approaching the challenges in your industry, all fall under your marketing.

Sales, on the other hand, is the art of selling. Sales comprises of the actions you take and the communications you create to earn more business. The FREE video resource created by PSM Partner Kristy L. Gusick, titled “What do Professionals Need to Know About Sales?” talks about sales in depth. PSM Partner Kristy L. Gusick confesses that PSM’s clients are often very intelligent professionals who know their craft well but have had no experience selling it. It is all the more necessary for professionals in the services business to learn the art of selling what they offer.

The sales strategist team at PSM and the marketing specialists work with attorneys, financial advisors, CPAs, and other professionals to help them see the huge difference between Sales and Marketing.

The Difference in Objectives- Sales Vs. Marketing – St. Paul and Minneapolis

We explain to our clients that sales and marketing, while both necessary, are very different concepts. While the objective of marketing is to establish your brand image and attract clients, sales is what happens at the next step. Sales is when a client comes to you through your marketing efforts. We have identified that sales is just a set of questions that professionals need to ask their clients when they first meet them.

In another FREE video resource by PSM Partner Kristy L. Gucisk, titled “What is the Difference Between Sales and Marketing for Professionals?,” the subject is discussed at length. PSM Partner Kristy L. Gucisk defines what PSM believes is the grey area between sales and marketing. While sales is about asking questions, marketing is about making statements.

The video elaborates that sales without marketing can be really hard and marketing without sales can be really expensive. It is because you consistently put your message out there, that you get clients and easy sales. It is because you ask the right questions as part of your sales strategy, that your marketing efforts pay off.

We Embolden The Thin Line That Demarcates Sales and Marketing – St. Paul and Minneapolis

We make it easier for our clients to understand the subtle differences between sales and marketing. We help them with several resources we have specifically created for our audience and our clients. These PDFs, videos, and blog posts talk about sales, marketing, and all that differentiates the two.

In one such resource titled “I Didn’t go to Law School to Be a Salesperson,” the author, PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC dispels the advertising myth. Professionals believe that the more they spend on advertising and marketing, the more clients they get. However, this cannot be farther from the truth. Successful sales and marketing are not about the money spent but the relationships built. If you ask your clients how did they get to you and why they chose you, they will cite someone they trusted the reason why they chose you.

Marketing is about building name recognition in your marketplace, while sales is all about the business and your clients. Learn more about PSM’s services and thoughts here:

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