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Now’s the time to add videos to your website. From personal introductions to FAQs to video consultation rooms, let PSM help you apply videos to your website.

Add Videography to Your Website – St. Paul and Minneapolis – We can Help!

For many businesses today, videos are the leading way to reach their audience and put their message out there. As for all content presentation formats, videos have conquered the spot to number one. Attorneys, CPAs, financial advisors, and other service professionals can use videos as an engaging and creative content format.

At PSM, we work with professionals to help them leverage the massive potential videos hold. These videos can be about your team if you are a firm, or an event you hosted, or an inside peek into your office, or an introductory capture to explain about your services.

Videography, when incorporated into a website, boost SEO and help you better your rankings on a search engine. Videos are a great tool for you to convey your brand message in a way that speaks to your audience.

Videos for PSM Marketing in St. Paul and Minneapolis

In the article titled “Why Video Makes Sense for Financial and Professional Service Firms”, Jim Bliwas, Strategic Communications specialist at PSM talks about tips to bear in mind when you create videos for social media, business website, or any other platform.

  • Take care of the production specifics. This does not require you to have a huge videography budget, but your phone camera may not be the best choice either. Make sure your videos are professionals and save you from conveying an amateurish image.
  • Offer value through videos. Just like any other piece of content, videos need to offer valuable tips and advice your audience could use. It is not recommended to stick with showing your expertise off on the camera.
  • State the conclusion of the content first. And, then walk your viewer through the reasoning. Your video viewers need to be convinced of your idea first, so they have the interest to see the video and your content through until the end.
  • Prepare a script. It helps to take off the burden for you to remember what you have to say. A script will help organize your thoughts and will prevent your mind from wandering away.
  • For a video blog, three minutes is the maximum duration. Videos need to be crisp and to-the-point, so it falls in your viewers’ short attention span.
  • Rehearse your content a lot. This helps in cutting out the verbal fillers like “Um” and “Ahh”. Cut down the unnecessary and come out more confident.
  • Sit in front of a filled bookcase or a plant. But, don’t sit or stand against a wall or a window as these make you look flat.

Engage Audience and Offer Value Through Videos

In the article “Tips for Creating Interesting and Informative Videos”, PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC, gives subtle and simple tips professionals can follow to create videos.

And, if you have already created some for yourself, the article also outlines the exact ways in which you can spread your videos across platforms. Here are a few:

  • Embed a video player on your website- Google Analytics has concluded that the most viewed pages on a law firm’s website are the attorney profile pages. Thus, it makes sense to add videos to your profile.
  • Create a consultation room on your website – A consultation room helps your potential clients get an idea of the depth and breadth of your services. This is a way they can use to gauge your expertise too.
  • Video Blogs – Videos happen faster than writing. And, vlogs are a great way to share your knowledge and ideas besides your classic text blog, or in addition to it.
  • Social Media promotion – Videos are the most viewed content format across social media channels. Promote your videos on as many platforms as possible.

PSM help you create engaging and priceless videos to offer worth to your viewers. Our videography specialists plan, execute, and produce videos strategically, so you derive the maximum leverage out of them.

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