Corporate Identity Building in St. Paul and Minneapolis

The Brand Is You and Your Corporate Identity is the Key

We create all the components your business needs to build a cohesive corporate identity: your logo, the look of your website, business cards, letterhead and envelopes, PowerPoint slides, proposal templates, and any collateral material (e.g., brochures and leave-behind sales or business development material) your professional service firm uses.

Steps for building strong brand identity in St. Paul and Minneapolis:

We do this systematically, beginning with a discussion that includes you, our graphic designer, and the creative team working with you. From this, we create several possible “looks” for you to review and choose the one that best fits how the firm will be positioned. Then, we develop templates for all the elements of your corporate identity package, including electronic letterhead, in the format a printer needs. In addition, we will help you launch and promote your business once we have the look and feel of your personal website and branding materials ready.

While not an easy task, it is important for your company to maintain the same look of your brand across all your branding channels. Facebook, for example, is known to be blue. Its coherently executed branding strategy reflects the company’s uniform look and feel across its platform. Similarly, your business will be recognized by the graphics and the logo you choose. Your identity cannot be altered at any time once you have chosen it. Our team of designers and creative thinkers make sure to get it right the first time. We like to help you capture the essence of your brand in your branding image.

A logo is not just a symbol that depicts your brand; it is also your most crucial corporate identity. It goes on all your communications, and it stays in the minds of your clients. A visually appealing logo design can, therefore, engage the minds of your clients and customers at first sight and register your firm in their minds forever.

There is a lot of marketing potential in your branding materials. We help you leverage them wisely.

Corporate Identity Guidelines for St. Paul and Minneapolis:

We also provide you with guidelines on how your logo and other corporate identity items can be used for boosting your branding and conveying your brand’s message to your clients effectively and clearly.

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