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How to Get Found Online: Onsite and Proactive Backlinking in St. Paul and Minneapolis

As a professional, you might have the most expertise and best service or product in your field, but if no one can find you on Google it doesn’t make any difference. As the saying goes, if you are on page two or three when search results come up, you might as well be on page 100.

Our SEO experts know how to push you up in the search rankings.

Best SEO Services by Professional SEO Agency in St. Paul and Minneapolis

There is both an art and science in helping lawyers, accountants, financial advisors and others in professional services maximize their SEO rankings. Our team consists of experts who maximize your ranking and know how to use SEO to give you the biggest bang for the buck when it comes to positioning you and your firm.

Doing SEO well means more than helping you employ top-rated “ad words.” It can involve recommending microsites, multiple websites and other techniques that keep changing depending on how Google adjusts

its search algorithms. We take our Professional SEO Services experts‘ recommendations and implement them for you. All you have to do is continue using your expertise to offer the best product or service in your field.

Search Engine Optimization as a Way of Gaining More Visibility


In the FREE video resource, titled “What do Professionals Need to Know About SEO?,”  PSM Partner Kristy L. Gusick confesses that a lot of services professionals are confused about what SEO is. In the video, PSM Partner Kristy L. Gusick focuses on these central ideas-

  • Search Engine Optimization is something that every business needs, including attorneys, financial services professionals, Digital Marketing Agency and CPAs.
  • Prospects and referral sources dig out the names of the services professionals they need, from Google and other search engines.
  • Therefore, it is important that your name and your business’ presence be identifiable on search engines.
  • When your website is maximized for search engine optimization, you rank on Google even when your prospects don’t know your name or the fact that you exist.
  • For these business wins, we help you secure high search engine ranks through consistent and diligent SEO efforts.
  • We don’t focus on just the number of visitors clicking on your website from search engine results, we also make sure these visitors are your qualified leads.
  • This means we optimize your search engine discovery process for the businesses and prospects that satisfy your buyer persona.

At PSM, our Minneapolis Marketing specialists and copywriters work together to create your search engine advantage. Our team strives to get you on the first page of the search engine results when someone searches for the services you provide. We help you drive referrals and leads through your website by optimizing it for SEO.

Can Professional SEO Services in St. Paul and Minneapolis be Cost Effective?

In the article titled, “How to Boost Your SEO Without Breaking The Bank”, PSM Founder & President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC talks about the vital steps services professionals can take in the direction to boost their search engine presence.

Here are two tiny tricks shared in the article-

  • Determining your keywords – Keywords are the phrases your prospects use while searching for your services on Google and other search engines. Professionals are advised to decide what are the keywords they want to be found for. Keywords are the long and short phrases individuals use when searching for a product or service, and these are the first step for you to begin your SEO journey.
  • Content Development – We then advise you to create compelling content around the keywords you have picked for yourself. There are strategies for keyword placement that professionals can follow. These strategies help your c
    ontent rank well on search engines. Consistency is the key when you are utilizing your content development strategy for your social media presence and website blogs


Professionals can indulge in a DIY SEO plan, and leverage strategies for wider outreach. However, if your schedules with your clients are filled to the brim, or if you would want professional help on your SEO, reach out to us at PSM and we will be happy to help.

SEO is Not Just About The Keywords- Here’s What’s More to It

The article “Making Sense of SEO- Tricks, Tips, and Lingo to Know” by Sally M. Kenny, Project Manager at PSM, explains the intricacies of SEO. Here are a few tips the article details about organic SEO:

  • SEO is essentially the training process meant for Google to understand what a website is all about. The better you make it understand, the more Google will know when a search query is about what you are selling on your website.
  • Google “crawls” your website and picks up keywords to understand the purpose of the website. These are the terms and phrases that match users’ search on Google.
  • To rank well on the search engine, therefore, businesses need to make sure they talk about what they are selling on their website- in the words that people use to search for them.
  • Content needs to be added to the website regularly to give Google a continuity to look at the website. This is achieved by adding relevant web pages and blog posts that talk about what you offer.
  • SEO also focuses on the local search results- the key phrases customers and clients in your local area are using to search for your services and products.
  • SEO also works on backlinking. A website or blog post is beneficial and valuable in Google’s eyes when a lot of other websites refer and link to it. PSM’s SEO team works to build relevant backlinks that help service professionals build their online influence.


PSM is a comprehensive outsourced marketing team in St. Paul & Minneapolis, MN that works to build your Search Engine Optimization operations from the ground up.

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