What free resources are on the website?

Our website is full of free resources. Terry and I really believe that it’s essential to make sure that people come to our website and feel that they can just find all kinds of information about marketing, especially if you’re a professional and how to do things. So we have all our webinars that we’ve done over the past five and a half years are all free and readily available on our website.

We also have a lot of articles that we’ve written and blog posts. In addition to all those items, we have very specific tools on there. Tips and lists and checklists and marketing templates. Lots of different things that you can use to support your marketing efforts. And we give this information away for free because, one, we want our clients to be able to access things. We can send them an email and say, “Mr. Or Mrs. Client here’s something that you can use based on what we talked about today in our marketing meeting.”

And then for other people that are just reaching out to our website for the first time, maybe there’s somebody who doesn’t actually need our help, but they’re a do-it-yourself-er and that’s fine because those people are not good fits for our service anyways. So they can just have access to that information and hopefully, it’ll help better them. But really we just love sharing content. We love making sure that what we come up with and what we develop and use for our clients is readily available and easily accessible.

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