Get To Know Terrie: What’s Her MBTI Type?

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One tool PSM uses with their clients is the Meyers Briggs Type Indicator. The MBTI assessment results in a series of 16 unique personality preference types that include every combination of:

  • Introverted v. Extroverted
  • Sensing v. INtuitive
  • Thinking v. Feeling
  • Judging v. Prospecting

Read more about the theory here.

It is important to acknowledge that everyone is an amalgam of the various different types. Very rarely do you find, for example, someone who is 100% introverted. We all fall somewhere on the spectrum between the two areas above.

We found a great free website we direct our clients to:  Here you can take the assessment and immediately receive your results.

Terrie is an ISTJ: “The Logistician”

I: Introverted

Pulls energy from inward focus rather than large groups of people; prefers developing fewer – but deep – relationships versus having a lot of “social” friends.

S: Sensing

Focuses on the reality of how things are; pays attention to facts and details; prefers ideas that are practical; describes things in a literal way.

T: Thinking

Uses logical reasoning to make decisions; values justice and fairness; enjoys finding flaws in arguments; reasonable and level-headed.

J: Judging

Prefers to have matters settled; thinks rules and deadlines should be respected; prefers to operate using detailed, process-oriented guidance; likes to plan versus working off the cuff.

Terrie’s Analysis of Herself

I believe my personality preferences help me provide the highest level of expertise to my clients.  I really get to know my clients and develop deep, many times personal relationships with them. I listen carefully to the facts and details I hear from my clients and turn their ideas into practical, action-oriented tasks.  I am not afraid to let clients know if I disagree with a certain path or opinion and will clearly outline better solutions for them.  I always listen for what might not work and make sure before we move forward, that we have considered every angle.  I believe that when I set a deadline for myself or my clients, those deadlines need to be met.  If not, the best intentions go nowhere. I have always been a zealot about having a plan first before jumping into implementation initiatives.  You need to know what your current situation is, what you desire to happen in the future, and outline specific steps on how to get there.  Without a plan, both time and money will be wasted.

When we do marketing coaching with our clients at PSM-Marketing, we generally have them take the MBTI so we can guage their personality preferences and tailor a coaching program around their unique personalities.

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