Get to Know Terrie: Where does she work?

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One of the benefits to working with PSM is that we are completely virtual! When Terrie started PSM in 1997 she committed to remaining a virtual company, before virtual was cool!

When you “clock-in” to work, where are you?

Terrie: Thanks to my husband, Jim Wheeler, my office space is beautiful! He just built – literally from the footings to the roof – a beautiful new office for me. I feel like I work from a tree house!  With windows on every wall, a fireplace, Persian rugs, and two lounge chairs, there are plenty of spaces to be creative.  I now use a standing desk that I just purchased in honor of my new office.

My office also serves as a production studio for the webinars I deliver every other month. I even have a lovely area from which PSM team members can work if they need that country fix.  While I still rely on a silo (yes – – a real silo) for my Internet connection, I have every creature comfort I could ever want in my office!

Stay tuned for more answers from Terrie in upcoming blogs!

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