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Can Infographics Help Your Firm’s Content?

After working on a few projects with infographic use, I have come to the realization that there are dos and don’ts when designing an infographic for your firm. As the intern for PSM, I was given a large amount of freedom when designing my infographics. I made some mistakes and learned on the way, but I also ended with great looking infographics!

To start, an overview of an infographic’s purpose is necessary. An infographic is an image or collection of images and text that portrays specific information. It can be used to simplify complex text or even just to brighten up a website, presentation, or blog post. Using infographics can be helpful in these ways, but they are the most useful when done well.

To make sure your infographics are done to the best of your ability, there are some simple tips and tricks that I recommend for all beginner or advanced infographic designers.

With Infographics, Less is More

I am sure this is a term everyone has heard before, but it reigns true with infographic design as well. When thinking about this concept, keep in mind a few key points.

  1. Keep the text usage minimal. Text clutters the space and forces your audience to read what you are showing, not see what you are showing.
  2. Don’t try to do too much! Focus on the key concepts that you are trying to explain and nothing more. Maybe try drawing out a design beforehand or have an outline that you plan on following to keep the appearance clean and concise.
  3. Don’t over use icons. I know, I just said to not use too much text, but finding a balance between the two components allows the audience to not be confused about your message.

Keep a Uniform Design

What I mean when I say uniform is to not sway from yours or your client’s image and appearance. Companies often have color pallets that are embedded into all of their marketing content. Find the HEX values for your company and stick to it, your infographic will thank you.

Another aspect of a uniformity in your design could be a specific font or even the voice of the content. Sticking with the same text as your company’s website or business cards is easy but maintaining a voice can be tricky. Try to keep a constant narrative that is in line with what your company or project is aimed towards. This helps the infographic feel more personal to the company and the audience because it came from the source; i.e. your company.

Finally, use images that do not clash with your company’s image. If vibrant colors and a bubbly design are the everyday choice for your image, stick with it. At the very least, if there are multiple infographics in one area of content, make sure that they match each other’s feel.

Use a Site You’re Comfortable With

After using a few different websites and software for infographic design, I quickly realized that you can have personal preferences when it comes to what works best for you. It can be little things like the ease of size control or icon input, but no little detail is too small when it comes to infographic design.

Make sure that the site you choose suits all of your needs. I found that some sites allow downloading in different formats only with a subscription, so decide the format you need and choose subscriptions and websites from there. From personal experience, any site that can download as a PNG file should suit most needs for most people.

Using a site that you are uncomfortable with could result in sloppy work that takes too long for what it is worth. Do not get discouraged if you do not feel comfortable with the website or software right away, it can take some “sandbox play” to mess around with the controls before you are ready to dive into creating.

As you think about starting to use infographics for your company’s content, keep these simple tips and tricks in your back pocket. It could make or break the effectiveness of your infographic. Make sure that you know your goal before you start, stick with a design that is right for your company, and get comfortable with your software. This could be a great way to spice up the content for your company. Are infographics something you could see helping your company? Share this blog with someone who you think could use these tips and tricks!

Thanks for reading and good luck with any future infographic design endeavors!

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