Get to Know Terrie: On Being a Virtual Company

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What do you love best about being a virtual company?

Terrie: More and more of our clients work both in an office, and virtually from a home office.  Today, it really doesn’t matter where you work – – just that you get the job done.  One of the unique facets of PSM, is that everyone who works on our amazing team does so from a fully-equipped home office.  We love the freedom and flexibility of our “virtual marketing agency.” Our virtual company allows us to attract the best-of-the-best in their fields.  Our service delivery model is seamless to the wonderful clients we serve in the legal and financial services industries.  I don’t think they even realize we are a virtual company. We use our virtual work environment as a positive message both to our clients and to resources interested in joining us.  We use every form of technology you can imagine to communicate with one another and with our clients.  From telephones to text messages; Skype calls to GoToMeeting, we have communications down to an art.  And I almost forgot — we have also been known to meet with clients in their offices!

My audience at the Ohio State Bar convention in May!

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We even have the proverbial “PSM Water Cooler” on Facebook for casual, fun conversations among our colleagues.   It is not uncommon for our team to post pictures of their adorable animals, or a fun video they came across.  I am thrilled that we have built a happy, friendly and productive culture within our virtual firm.


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