Our Gift to You: The 2020 Marketing Planner

Find Marketing Motivation for 2020

Do you have your 2020 Marketing Plan in place yet?  If not, fear not. In fact, it’s a great time of year to focus on your business growth goals!

Our 2020 Marketing Plan is for You

Are you a business owner or a contractor?  Maybe you have a legal, financial services, or accounting practice?  Are you in technology, solar energy, consulting or the non-profit world?  You’re in luck. PSM’s 2020 8-Step Marketing Planner will work for you! It’s that flexible.

Why Are We Giving this to you for FREE?

Because we believe one of the best ways to market is through sharing our “thought leadership” with you.  Please don’t think that because this tool is free that it may not be valuable. Simply click the button above and you will find a template that will help you:

  • Identify your best contacts – your “Top 10” lists
  • Create criteria for your best clients and referral sources
  • Figure out what really makes you and your business unique and the value you bring
  • Identify your key target audiences
  • Formulate your key messages for each audience
  • Set your marketing Objectives
  • Define your 2020 revenue goal
  • Put an action plan in place for contacts and other marketing projects

The key to your success in 2020 will rely on stepping back, assessing your strengths, and proactively identifying your target audiences, key messages and marketing objectives.  Once you have your 2020 8-Step Marketing Plan in place you will need to commit to implementing your plan – not storing it on a shelf!

That’s Where We Can Help

Whether you are in individual hoping to grow your practice and revenue, or a business who needs an outsourced or managed services approach to your marketing efforts, PSM and its team of professionals is here to help you!  Not sure if our services would benefit you? We have two assessments you can take to find out:

We Wish you the Best in 2020!

Whether your approach is DIY or if you need a helping hand, we believe the Free 2020 8-Step Marketing Plan will help you think positively and proactively about your success this year.

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