9 Reasons to Outsource Your Marketing

9 Reasons to Outsource Your Marketing - PSM Marketing

If you’re not confident about your internal team’s abilities to plan and implement your marketing and growth strategy , it might be a sign for you to consider outsourcing your marketing department. Put simply, the quality of your marketing can make or break your business or firm.

What does it mean to outsource your marketing?

Outsourced marketing means you contract an external consultant or agency to strategize your marketing plan, implement that plan, and analyze the results – and Return on Investment — for you.  The range of services carried out may be very few or vast. However, the outcome of outsourced marketing should always be to help you grow, scale, and increase your bottom line.

Professional service firms, including lawyers, law firms, nonprofit organizations, contractors and home trade professionals, green energy companies, and small businesses benefit significantly from outsourced marketing. Why? Because the breadth of a freelance marketers’ range is much narrower than you likely require, the experience of an in-house team is limited, and the time, money, and resources you have to invest into marketing calls for more.

So, how do you expand your marketing output and actually see results? You hire a team — ahem, like PSM Marketing — who offers every service you’d need, and those you have no clue about, to grow your business.

Why Should You Outsource Your Marketing

Still on the fence about it? Here are six reasons to outsource your marketing:

  1. A Wider Range Of Expertise

Marketing is very multi-dimensional, and so the people within your outsourced marketing department should be as well.

For example, PSM Marketing gives you access to website developers, tech pros, creative directors, copywriters, search engine optimization experts, and of course, professional project managers to drive your marketing success. A dynamic team provides a strong competitive edge in your industry.

  1. The Return on Investment Is Worth It

It’s sometimes difficult to mentally get over the hump of the initial expense of outsourcing. But keep in mind that outsourced marketers have tried and tested a number of marketing tools and software.

We’ve already gained expertise in the type of technology that can skyrocket leads, set up your multi-channel marketing strategy, and provide in-depth reports and analytics. This costly technology is already in our hands. By outsourcing, you won’t have to lift a finger. Just let it work for you.

  1. To Save Time

You may think multi-taskers hold the answer to your marketing woes. Spoiler alert! — multi-tasking typically does more harm than good.

Employees need to focus on their delegated objectives, and you need to focus on management and associated tasks. Trying to do marketing while you’ve got endless other items on your plate will lead to a loss of productivity, inefficiency, and certainly not results.

  1. To Save Money

In-house marketing professionals come at a hefty price. And they often can’t bear the full burden of your marketing needs — which means you may need several.

Compare four $95K marketing salaries, plus benefits which easily brings the cost to hire an in-house marketing person to well over $120,000, to a $5K monthly outsourced marketing expense, and you’ve got estimated savings by the numbers.  An outsourced marketing function is generally comprised of anywhere from 4-8 marketing experts.

  1. Fresh Eyes Are Crucial to Scale Your Marketing

If there’s one success technique that’s still underrated, it’s the advantage of seeing a plan from a fresh angle.

A marketing team who isn’t part of your daily goings-on, yet can come in and examine all the relevant details about your organization and align your marketing with your desired brand vision, fulfill your audience’s wants and needs, build connections, and put you on track to reach your financial goals is a major key to sustainable scaling.

  1. Your Marketing Director for Strategic Guidance

It’s one thing to have an amazing marketing team, but it’s another to have one person you can trust who will oversee your marketing department.

Not all outsourced marketing firms offer this. With PSM, your marketing director is always available for consultation, so you can clear your mind when it comes to your marketing.

  1. High Impact Activities for Positive ROI

Another PSM Marketing exclusive is that we carry out high impact activities to ensure you receive a positive return on your investment. You can feel confident knowing that the marketing services we provide are those we know will give you the results you’re looking for based on our insight and collaborations with you.

  1. Responsive | Accessible | Communicative

Responsiveness, accessibility, and communication. These qualities may sound like what you want from a great partner — and they are! As your partner in business, we pride ourselves on how much our clients across the country appreciate these specific traits in all our interactions.

  1. Strategic Focus for Guaranteed Scalability

PSM Marketing’s commitment to you starts with a strategic marketing assessment to propel your tailored growth and marketing plan. From there, your project manager will relay your marketing needs to each relevant team member, leaving you to make the best use of your unique talents, time, and energy.

Outsource Your Marketing Today

With PSM Marketing, you have the advantage of a dedicated project manager who liaisons with the rest of the PSM team on your behalf. Once we’re aware of your precise business needs, we create a marketing department out of our 30+ experts.

We offer three service levels:

Whether you’re looking for strategy, branding, digital marketing, website development, or something else, PSM has the answer.  You may need short-term help with a specific marketing project, want support for your internal marketing team, or need a full-blown outsourced marketing solution.  Not sure where to start? Browse our A-Z marketing services catalog, and video, or call us to find out what we can do to build your profit potential together!

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