More to Life than Business: Finding Peace Amid a Pandemic

More to Life than Business: Finding Peace Amid a Pandemic | PSM Marketing

The Importance of Mindfulness During COVID-19

This period of social distancing has been a difficult adjustment for our society. With apocalyptic headlines gracing our e-news feeds, it’s tough to avoid a sense of impending doom. However, this is also a prescient time for retrospection and thoughtfulness. How we respond in challenging times like this can shape our worldview moving forward. More importantly, it can help shape the world view of others. Here are 8 ways to be mindful during the COVID-19 pandemic:

  • Enjoy the fact that you’re learning! We’re all becoming our own IT resources by embracing video conferencing. How cool is that??! Connecting with friends is great, but consider taking it one step further. While you are Zooming with friends, consider asking the group to coordinate a joint act of kindness instead of just gathering for happy hour. Maybe a donation to a local food shelf or sponsoring a dinner for local healthcare workers. The ideas are limitless but the coordinated effort will give you a great memory.
  • Be kind to others and find your sense of humor. There is no better time to be a generous person. Remember, generosity is defined by acts.
  • Go easy on yourself. Don’t succumb to the pressure of deep-diving into complicated home cooking, crafting, renovation projects, or hardcore exercise. It’s okay. For many people out of work or retired, this deep-dive helps to pass the time and provide a sense of accomplishment. For others who are working or have children, it may be too much to deal with. Getting your daily work completed and running a household (of any size) is a lot to manage. Do what is good for you today.
  • Be aware of feelings. We are all dealing with a new way of living together as families. It requires patience, teamwork, and empathy. Many are working from home, schooling from home, and worrying about finances. We all deal with stress and change differently. Remember to find ways to be sympathetic. Starting a huge project may not be the kindest thing you can do for your family right now. Take a deep breath and a moment to be empathetic.
  • Try to get outside but avoid popular places where people tend to gather. A walk around a local lake sounds beautiful but a walk around your neighborhood is much safer.
  • Reach out to family and friends. There is no better time to connect than right now.
  • Enjoy your pets. Pets make every day more bearable. There’s a reason everybody is including their pets in video footage – they are a lifeline right now.
  • Turn off the news periodically. Find a book, a movie, a game or a small project to help distract you. Too much news coverage gives anxiety.

Finding Peace During a Pandemic

This is uncharted territory for all of us. At a time when patience and hand sanitizer are equally hot commodities, this list is designed to help you stay mindful. Stay mindful of yourself. Stay mindful of your friends and family. Stay mindful of your community.

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