Infographic: Develop Your Marketing Plan in 8 Easy Steps

Believe it or not, you learned the process of how to develop a marketing plan in law school. Let me explain. Developing a marketing plan is just like conducting the discovery upon which you create the case strategy, or pursuing due diligence before you create “deal points“ for an acquisition. So, let’s get back to basics,To develop an effective marketing plan:

  • First, outline your goals and desired outcomes. What do you aim to achieve through marketing, such as increased brand awareness or higher sales? Defining objectives provides direction.
  • Next, research your target audience demographics, preferences, and behaviors to create messages that resonate. Understanding your audience is crucial for success.
  • Analyze competitors’ strategies to spot market gaps and differentiation opportunities. Learning from others will inform your own approach.
  • Then, establish a budget to prioritize efforts and allocate resources wisely. A budget brings focus.
  • Determine optimal channels to reach your audience, which could include social media, email, or advertising. Select channels strategically.
  • Craft compelling brand-aligned messaging for your audience. Impactful messaging is memorable.
  • Create a timeline with deadlines and milestones to stay on track. A schedule maintains momentum.
  • Finally, measure and track results using data and analytics. Evaluate effectiveness and optimize accordingly. Data drives improvement.


Develop Your Marketing Plan in 8 Easy Steps

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