Laser-Focused Targeting: The Key to Your Success

Laser-Focused Targeting: The Key to Your Success

In previous decades, attorneys like you may have been able to generate buzz for your practice through print ads, newsletters, and traditional marketing strategies; that’s simply not the case in 2019. With so many firms in competition for the same cases, you have to take prompt action to stay on clients’ radars if you hope to have a steady flow of business.

Targeted communications can help you grow your business, generate great referral leads, and keep you in touch with past and present clients, media contacts, and more.

Organizing Your Contacts

You can organize your contacts easily by switching over from Word documents and Excel spreadsheets to a contact relationship management (CRM) tool. These programs will allow your firm to categorize contacts, easily add new contacts, and define your sales process. Some CRM programs can even send out targeted communications on your behalf – an invaluable tool if you’re trying to home in on your best clients and referral sources.

When organizing your contacts into different lists, include categories such as past clients, insurance professionals, media contacts, lawyers, business owners, and more. The goal is to be able to identify a group where you have many contacts and determine the best types of targeted communications for that group.

How to Benefit from Your Contacts and Connections

So, now you have your contacts organized and ready to go, but you’re unsure of the next steps you need to take? You’re in luck! PSM Founder and President Terrie S. Wheeler has written an article just for you, published in Attorney at Law Magazine. She discusses steps any firm can take to laser-focus their targeted marking efforts, such as e-communications, website subsections, webinars, and more.

If you’d like to maintain your steady stream of clients and ensure ongoing revenue for your firm, you can learn more about how to create targeted content by reading Terrie’s article here.

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