Get to Know Terrie: Her Hobbies

painting teal burgundy orange

Terrie: So first, let me say I work a lot. I have the luxury of being an empty-nester and having a BEAUTIFUL office from which I work. The combination means I am working a lot and at odd hours.  It’s hard for me to draw a line because I am very engaged in the work I do for my clients.  That said, I do work to achieve a balance in my life that includes many fun activities including spending time with my husband and children, loving up my granddaughter Clara, and spending (never enough) time with my siblings and parents. So aside from the obvious joy I receive from my family, I do have a few hobbies and interests I enjoy.

I am a creature of winter and LOVE our Minnesota snow. It seems the past two years have left me wanting more by the time April rolls around. I love to downhill ski, and have also taken up snow shoeing on the 40 acres of land we own north of Minneapolis/St. Paul. When I was little I was in awe of my Grandma’s ability to produce beautiful oil and watercolor paintings.  My Grandma taught herself to paint in her 50s. I was always under the impression I couldn’t draw a recognizable stick person.  However, it all changed when I attended a “Paint and Pinot” at our local winery, North Folk Winery, and realized – my tulips actually look like tulips! Now don’t get me wrong.  I needed some hands-on guidance from the painting instructor. What this day, spent with one of my best friends and my daughters, taught me, is that I do have some talent.  In fact mine is the definition of latent talent.  To date I have painted about eight pictures.  A couple of them I look and shake my head in disbelief that I actually painted it!  Acrylic on canvas is my medium at this point.  We’ll see what the future holds!

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