The Best Marketing Strategies for Small Firms and Solos in 2019

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As 2018 comes to a close, many solo practitioners and small professional services firms are taking some time to reflect on the year’s triumphs and struggles. If you’ve been doing the same, don’t forget to include your marketing efforts for the year in these reflections. Marketing is a challenging ball to juggle for small firms, and it may not have been a top priority for your firm this year. Often, law firms or solos will get caught up in tireless work for a high volume of clients, and their marketing will take the back burner. It makes no difference whether you’ve been on top of your marketing all year, or if you blinked and 2018 was ending. Every small firm or solo practitioner should take stock of their current marketing strategies and reassess them in preparation for the new year.

Terrie S. Wheeler, founder and president of PSM Marketing, has worked with countless small firms and solo practitioners over the years to create a successful, cohesive marketing plan. She recently wrote an article for the American Bar Association about the strategies small firms and solos should be implementing (or improving upon) in 2019 to see the best results. These strategies translate to new referral sources and high-quality clients; what firm wouldn’t like to see more of those?

In the article, titled “The Best Marketing Strategies for Small Firms and Solos in 2019,” Terrie points out that the best marketing strategies are usually the tried-and-true methods, such as search engine optimization, frequent blog posts, and a social media presence. Even though these areas make up the basics of marketing, they are constantly evolving, so the year-end is a great time to ensure all your efforts are up to date.

To learn more about assessing and improving your current marketing plan, as well as how to put a novel spin on some proven marketing strategies, read Terrie’s article here.

Quit Talking and Start Doing: The Best Marketing Strategies for 2019

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