COVID-19: Now is the Time to Keep Your Search Engine Rankings High

COVID-19: Now is the Time to Keep Your Search Engine Rankings High | PSM Marketing

Three weeks ago, no one in the United States was expecting to hear about the closure of all public places, travel bans, and other precautions. Social distancing is now a term every person can define. As businesses grapple with how to keep their organization moving forward with a newly formed virtual workforce, it is important to keep your search engine rankings high. There are several reasons why, along with a few ideas on how to do it.

The Importance of Search Engine Rankings During a Pandemic

Engaged Consumers – With most U.S. workers delivering their services from home in near isolation, many people will be spending significantly more time online searching for the best products and services to help them through this difficult time.  Make sure your business is reassuring its customer and client base on the strategies you will be using to get through this unforeseen situation.

Double Down on Writing Blogs – Now is the time to create blog posts that are rich with the keywords and phrases that define your business. Talk about how you will keep your business moving forward despite the pandemic. Discuss your specific plans for delivering your products or services and how you will stay in touch with your clients.  See the PSM blog post on technology tools to help you stay in touch with your clients and contacts throughout the pandemic.

Get a Free Website Assessment – During the course of your busy days, you didn’t have time to proactively step back and determine if your website is really helping to build your company versus serving is an online brochure.  While you are working from home, now is the time to look at your current website and ask the pros for help!  PSM would like to offer you a Free Website Assessment.  Simply complete the form and we will schedule a video conference to discuss our questions.  We will then perform a no-obligation assessment and meet you again in our virtual conference room to review our findings and recommendations with you. We also look at how you can improve your social media activities.

Spend Time Writing Content for your Website – Maybe you don’t need a completely new website.  But chances are, your current site could benefit from some additional content.  This is yet another task you can do to keep your business moving forward and to ensure your search engine rankings stay high.  The key to driving stronger SEO is content.  Content truly is king when it comes to your website.  A good rule of thumb is that every page on your website have a minimum of 500 – 600 words.  More is better if you have the content to write about.  Remember to write with your readers in mind so your website comes across as having a strong client focus.

Send a News Release – Looking for an immediate bump in SEO rankings? Look at something your firm or company is doing that is unique.  For example, we have a client in New Jersey, a divorce lawyer, who recently launched a new Divorce Consulting service to offer people an alternative to paying high legal fees in the beginning of their case.  PSM used its distribution service and sent the news release to the New Jersey legal and business media list.  The results? Over 130 news websites published the release in its entirety with over 50 million people who had the opportunity to view the release. If you have something newsworthy going on at your firm or company, consider sharing it broadly in your state – or nationally if it is of interest across the country.  Less than one week after sending the news release, the topic is currently ranked #3 organically on Google.

Have PSM Do a Free SEO Analysis – If you are serious about your search engine rankings, talk to PSM.  We will conduct a free SEO analysis so you can see how your current website compares to your competitors, as well as looking at other important areas including number of unique visitors, most popular pages on your website, keyword analysis, website speed, Google indexed pages, meta tags and descriptions, and websites linking to yours (backlinks),  We are happy to perform this “deep dive” analysis for clients who are committed to working with PSM to increase their search engine rankings.

Want to Improve Your Search Engine Rankings?

During this difficult time of isolation, make it your mission to focus on what you can do to keep your search engine rankings high.  Take the time (which likely you didn’t have before) to write new content for your website and blog. Engage on social media in a substantive way. Take proactive steps like those above to help maintain and grow your Google rankings when your competitors are likely focused on other things.

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