New Lawyers: Your Marketing Toolkit!

New Lawyers: Your Marketing Toolkit!

You’ve done the work, put in the time, and graduated from law school. Now you can begin your career as a successful attorney in private practice! It’s an exciting time for any new lawyer, with endless possibilities and myriad paths to take. One thing will always apply for any new lawyer, though, and that’s the importance of marketing yourself and your skill set.

The most important aspect of building a successful career as an attorney is having a steady stream of new clients and referral sources. People are your business, so you need to study up on how to appeal to potential clients who have countless attorneys to choose from.

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Easy Marketing Tips for New Attorneys

There are some things you simply weren’t taught in law school: how to run a business, develop referral sources, and apply ethical best practices to your marketing efforts. You can hone these skills by completing simple marketing tasks and maintaining your good reputation over time.

One prime example: utilizing social media to spread the word about your services and what makes you unique. Update your LinkedIn frequently to reflect all your major accomplishments, and make sure your headline specifically references your practice areas, so you can be found in searches.

Start Your Career Off Right!

If you’re a new lawyer committed to building a solid reputation, gaining new clients and referral sources, and moving up in the ranks, a recent article written by PSM Founder and President Terrie S. Wheeler, MBC, can help!  The article appeared in the February 2019 issue of Attorney at Law Magazine. Terrie provides concise, action-oriented steps for any new lawyer to follow that will help start his or her career off on the right foot. You’ve worked hard to pass the bar exam and become an attorney, so make sure all your efforts pay off by utilizing these straightforward marketing tips and strategies!

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New Lawyers: Your Marketing Toolkit!

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