So Busy You Can’t See Straight? Don’t Put Marketing on the Back Burner

So Busy You Can’t See Straight? Don't Put Marketing on the Back Burner

How to Cope (and NOT put Marketing on the Back Burner)

As a successful attorney, you may sometimes be busier than you’d prefer to be. In your busiest moments, it’s tempting to reevaluate your schedule and look for ways to cut back on your time commitments. In many cases, the first thing on the chopping block is your firm’s marketing efforts.

When you’re in court or meeting with multiple clients all day, the last thing you’re thinking about is getting more referrals. You may think marketing is unnecessary when you’re already totally booked, but nothing could be further from the truth. Without marketing, you will fail to secure new clients, and your networking efforts will be lackluster.

Working towards maintaining a steady flow of clients may seem counterintuitive when you’ve got a packed schedule, but it actually can help you stick to your baseline work-life balance over time. There is a natural ebb and flow when practicing law, but you can regulate this by having a consistent number of clients.

PSM founder and president Terrie S. Wheeler has helped numerous law firms and solo practitioners pinpoint their marketing efforts to see a steady stream of clients. Her recent article in Attorney at Law Magazine offers busy solos and small firms advice they can use to stay focused on the bigger picture and their long-term goals. If you’d like to stay on top of marketing even in your firm’s busiest moments, you can read Terrie’s article here.

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