4 Signs it’s Time for a Branding Refresh

4 Signs it's Time for a Branding Refresh - PSM Marketing

In 2023, what feeling does your branding evoke in your clients? According to one statistic, 73% of clients said that client experience impacts their purchasing decision.  Your brand is not just your story. It directs the experience you want your clients to have. And unless the story has ended — which it hasn’t — it might be time to tell the next chapter. You can do this with a branding refresh.  

A branding refresh is when you upgrade your company’s image to reflect both internal and external changes. Those changes may emerge from within your company or from your market or industry.  So, how do you know when it’s time to rework aspects of your brand? Here are 4 signs it’s time for a branding refresh. 

Your Target Audience Has Evolved Or Shifted 

Target audience evolution may look like changes in your market’s interests, design preferences, or attitudes. These may call for respective improvements in your marketing image materials, product design upgrades, or content voice and tone.  

What about an audience shift? Whether it’s from growth (yay!) or you just desire to expand your target audience, you may want to take on a new sector of your market.  

If that’s the case, you’ll have to create a new branding experience for your potential clients. With proper research, your branding refresh will appeal directly to your desired consumers and take your business to the next level.  

You Want Better Contrast With Your Competitors 

After a while, a lot of brands start to look the same. We’re not saying you do, but it might be that the flow of marketing has sucked brands like yours (and you may have fallen victim) into a stream of uniformity.  Big-name brands can weather the monotony because they’re well-established in the game with millions of loyal customers— We’re looking at you, food chains. 

But even larger companies tend to outgrow their branding and need a refresh once in a while. Based on marketing and sales data and feedback, why wouldn’t you want to highlight those parts of your brand your clients love? After all, sharing your uniqueness is a major part of a solid branding strategy.  

You Lack Brand Consistency Across Marketing Channels 

Depending on your marketing strategy, you might want more brand visibility over a number of marketing channels. It might be print or visual media, traditional advertising, social media, digital marketing, or otherwise.  If you haven’t already, perhaps you could take a step back to ensure your brand is consistent over all the marketing platforms you use.  A small example might be if your business card colors and messaging match those on your Instagram feed. You can rectify any disconnect and instead create a smooth and frictionless transition for your potential clients from the first time they “meet” your brand to when they “get to know” your brand and make purchases. 

You Expanded Your Goals, Values, And Core Offerings 

Over the years, it’s likely you’ve expanded your company’s vision. What goals have you set and met, and what new ones do you aim for now? Should you better address them in your branding 

What about your core values? On average, 71% of clients say they prefer to buy from companies that align with their own core values. By letting your clients know how you feel about life, business, and important issues, they’re drawn to you… and to your offerings.  

But what if your offerings have changed, too?  A branding refresh allows you to better reflect new offerings or valuable changes your company brings to clients. This might be a new product line or service, or it might be a rare ambiance or even advanced technological tools. 

PSM Can Give You a Professional Brand Refresh  

When it comes to branding and marketing, a fresh pair of eyes is invaluable. PSM Marketing is experienced in branding refreshes. Our branding background is one that not many can lay claim to.  Despite the above pointers, you might still be confused as to what about your brand needs to change. For some, website enhancements are key. For others, a logo upgrade or change in branding colors might be beneficial. 

There’s a lot we cover when it comes to branding and marketing. Speak with us and we’ll create a customized plan to address your branding needs. Remember, there’s no best time to get a branding refresh. It’s on an as-needed basis. 

You may have just completed a brand refresh and there’s something you can’t quite put your finger on that’s just not right. Contact us. We might be able to help get your brand on track for growth.

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