Picking The Right Social Media Channels For Your Business

Picking The Right Social Media Channels For Your Business - PSM Marketing

In a July 2022 report, research showed that 4.7 billion people are active on social media.  That’s a whopping 67% of the world’s nearly 8 billion-strong population.  And it’s 4.7 billion reasons why you need to market your business on social media — no matter what type of business you own.

You’re probably in one of two scenarios right now:

  • You already use one or more social media channels but you’re not sure if they’re right for your business.
  • You’re not currently using social media, and need help picking the right platforms.

Today, you’ll learn how to choose the right social media channels to optimize your marketing online and gain results.

Know Your Audience

When you use social media for marketing, you’re primarily in the business of gaining exposure and increasing your name recognition. But is it the right kind of exposure? And exposure to whom?   From there, you may consider increasing brand awareness, community engagement, boosting your website’s traffic, and, of course, making sales.

To achieve all of this though, it’s essential that you know your audience. You should know the ins and outs about them (demographics, habits, interests, education, industries, etc.), as well as where they most often hang out online. If your audience spends most of their time on Facebook and you’re busy making videos for TikTok due to the hype, you’re still losing out… regardless of if your post goes viral (we know, the idea is tempting).

Thankfully, most of your audience likely uses more than a few social media channels. For instance, millennials and Gen Z-ers have an average of 8.4 social media accounts.

How else will you decide?

Consider Your Competitors

You’ve always got to keep your eye on the prize — and on those you have to share it with.  While there’s enough social media marketing cake to go around, researching your competitor’s use of social media can help you get a bigger slice, and avoid getting a pie in the face.

Look into your industry to see where competitors are making use of social media and if they’re getting the engagement rates you’re looking for. Ask questions like:

How will I differentiate myself?   

Competitor research can offer great insight into what you should and shouldn’t be doing, and give you reasonable aspirations for Key Performance Indicators (KPIs).

Calculate Your Available Resources

Not everyone has the time or resources to allocate to social media for business purposes.

Required resources might include:

  • A social media coordinator, marketer, or manager
  • Several hours for content creation and scheduling
  • A team for strategy, graphic work, and analysis
  • If you need help there, PSM Marketing’s got you covered.

The Most Popular Social Media Platforms in the U.S.

In a 2021 PEW Research Center study, when adults were asked what social media channels they visited most often, the results were:

  • YouTube – 81%
  • Facebook – 69%
  • Pinterest – 31%
  • LInkedIn – 28%
  • Snapchat – 25%
  • Twitter – 23%
  • TikTok – 21%
  • Reddit – 18%
  • Nextdoor – 13%

Interesting data to take into account when considering what social media channels to focus on.

Align Your Brand and Goals With Your Selected Social Media Channels

The social media channel you use needs to match your brand and your specific business goals.  Here’s what you should know about the most popular options:

YouTube – Don’t underestimate the power of using videos on your website and posting webinars! PSM has a client who recorded a webinar and posted it on YouTube. While the actual webinar drew about 25 people, the YouTube video of the webinar has attracted well over 65,000 visitors!

Facebook – We like to tell our clients that Facebook is akin to the backyard barbeque!  With Facebook you can create a personal and a business profile. Many business owners do not share their personal Facebook page, but do post regularly to their company page.

Instagram – If you have a photography business that’s all about aesthetics, or a business with interesting photography opportunities, Instagram might be just right for you to showcase your talent.

LinkedIn – As a recruiting firm, LinkedIn can help you source and recruit candidates. In addition, LinkedIn is where professionals generally spend their social media time. So, if you are trying to reach business owners or others in professional services industries, posting to LinkedIn is a great way to build your personal (and firm) name recognition. We tell our clients LinkedIn activities are similar to business or chamber of commerce events.

Twitter – On the other hand, Twitter might be ideal for you if you’re a green energy business looking to start conversations about renewable energy.

TikTok – Believe it or not there are a few brave service providers who have taken to TikTok. While many TikTok videos are posted to make you laugh, many more are popping up with educational information. We have a handful of clients who have TikTok accounts – and post on them regularly.

Once you’ve aligned your audience, resources, and branding with your selected social media marketing channels, you need to ensure you can achieve your desired goals through them.

PSM Marketing Can Brand and Boost Your Social Media Engagement

PSM Marketing is here for you if you have questions about finding the right social media channels for your business . If you need more information via consultation, or if you’re a lawyer, financial service provider, accountant, recruiting firm, or other service business, we’re happy to assist with your social media marketing needs.  Give us a call or reach out today!


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